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IDEX 2nd Shift NC Lathe in Wooster, Ohio

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JOB TITLE: NC Turning Lathe Department: Machine Shop


Performs the functions of an operator on a numerical controlled lathe such as turning, boring, threading, facing, milling, drilling, tapping, and profile interpolation. Performs required machining operations on various parts with minimum supervision. Work involves performing setups, using a variety of tooling, and monitoring the feeds, speeds and cutting action of the tooling to meet blueprint specifications and gain maximum tool life. Operators must check their work to ensure specified part tolerances are maintained.


Operates machines and makes own setups. Responsible for accurate completion of all required work-related documentation such as, Part measuring frequencies and count recording, SPC Verification Logs, Part Scrap Tickets, Tool Scrap Tickets, Job Packet Documentation, etc. Report machine down time, setup problems or any production disruptions and delays to the supervisor. Responsible for accurately reporting labor in shop floor control system, especially entering the correct counts for each operation. May be required to operate two or more machines or pieces of equipment. Must perform deburring operations internally utilizing deburring tools as dictated by the process. Must properly separate chips using extreme caution as to not mix materials placing them in the correct material container, that is, aluminum, no lead brass, leaded brass, etc. Responsible for keeping work area neat and orderly and returning all tooling to the designated storage location when a job is complete. Responsible for immediately reporting workplace hazards and all injuries, no matter how minor, to your supervisor. Responsible for participating in health and safety training. All employees have the authority to stop a process or piece of equipment, if it is considered unsafe. Employees are responsible for addressing any unsafe behaviors of other Akron Brass employees, contractors, and visitors. Responsible for participating in incident investigation, and development of corrective and preventive actions.


Requires basic machine operation knowledge on numerical controlled lathes or similar equipment including loading specified manual tapes or loading programs via a DNC system. Requires use of measuring tools such as gages, micrometers, vernier calipers and scales. Requires the ability to read and interpret blueprints. Must possess basic trouble shooting knowledge to correct tool wear and setup problems to attain print specifications. Requires the use of judgment in quality analysis as when to call supervisor’s attention to irregularities.

The above description reflects the general details necessary to identify the functions of the job and shall not be construed as a detail of all the operations that may be inherent in the job. It contains only the fundamentals necessary to rate the job fairly.

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